13 thoughts on “What Percentage of Americans Own Guns? Minimum Estimates

    • Author of the post claims “the probability of an average firearm owner answering truthfully when a random stranger calls them on the phone or knocks on their door asking if they own firearm is… vanishingly small.” Absolutely incorrect. Unless he uses a definition of vanishingly small much different than is common


  1. (I don’t know why post are getting posted before I’m clicking on the post comment button. Keyboard error? Please delete my unfinished posts.)
    I’ve been thinking about your reply, and thinking about the author of the other blog.

    I know the author through Facebook, and I will guess that his comment is based on his personal outlook, and the gun owners that he associates with most. Clearly, from the various studies you’ve posted, that isn’t true for all gun owners. I would guess that it would be difficult to determine how many gun owners do answer ‘0’ to these polls. I have not decided what I would do.


    • As with so many things, the world is complex. But I never take the opinion that the world is complex so we can’t know anything about it. I would be out of business as a sociologist if so. I understand why a gun owner would not answer a survey (or answer it honestly) about gun ownership, just as I understand why some gun people do not talk to the media. Perhaps because I come from outside gun culture and have not fought in some some of the gun wars that others have, I almost always say yes when the media contacts me for comment and if I knew the polling agency and trusted it I would answer the questions honestly.


      • Diving a little deeper into the rabbit hole, this particular person has a professional background in physical facility and information security, and might answer a simple question “Is the sky blue?” with “Perhaps. Why do you want to know?” 🙂


      • Particularly on the self-defense side of gun culture there is a fair share of prepper/survivalist mentality.Living in the hardened bunker/home, not answering the door/phone, guarding personal info closely. That’s not really me, but I can’t say that it’s wrong. They may have the last laugh.


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