The Rise of Self-Defense in Gun Advertising, The American Rifleman, 1918-2017

I realized recently that I never posted the published version of my work analyzing gun advertisements in The American Rifleman. It documents the decline of “Gun Culture 1.0” themes of hunting and recreational/sport shooting and rise of “Gun Culture 2.0” themes of personal protection and concealed carry.

So, here is the citation and a link to the book chapter: David Yamane, Sebastian L. Ivory, and Paul C. Yamane, “The Rise of Self-Defense in Gun Advertising: The American Rifleman, 1918-2017,” in Jennifer Carlson, Kristen Goss, and Harel Shapira, eds., Guns: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Politics, Policy, and Practice (New York: Routledge, 2019).

I am currently writing up a replication study using advertisements in Guns magazine from 1955-2019, which I presented at the American Society of Criminology annual meetings in San Francisco this month. I will post a link to that paper when it is ready.

2 thoughts on “The Rise of Self-Defense in Gun Advertising, The American Rifleman, 1918-2017

  1. I hate when people comment without reading, but I am afraid that is what I am doing here. Our Governor is regarded as a “liberal buggyman”. When he was AG he requested gun factories change their marketing style. That was way before the current state and before the mass shooting eruptions. In other words, he predicted it. However, others have predicted the negative impact this would have on hunting, and they were also correct. For both reasons, said Governor’s logic was valid.

    But the topic posed here , is same but different. There are millions of people (women, weak men, elderly, sickly, targeted) that need a gun and a dog for self defense. And, a great many do not consider or realize gun ownership. Thus – marketing outreach to these people, for the purpose of self defense certainly is legitimate… However, HOW the marketing message is delivered might be disputable. In fact, the overall combination of marketing and lobby/political messages (for and against guns) generates misinformation or misunderstanding….


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