2019 Year in Review and Top 10 Most Viewed Posts

I launched this blog in February 2019 because my Gun Culture 2.0 blog has come to be read almost exclusively by people who are invested in gun culture. Although they are an important audience for my work, I also want to translate what I am learning about guns to the gun curious — those interested in but unsure about guns. People in the middle. Those who are not already 100% convinced of their views.

Compared to my first full year blogging at Gun Culture 2.0, my first year at Gun Curious was pretty successful. I posted 38 times, had 12,318 visitors, and 21,401 page views. So, between 500 and 600 page views per post, on average. I think that is reasonable for a blog that is trying to fill a niche that doesn’t have as committed an audience as a pro- or anti-gun blog does.

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels

Although a Top 10 posts list is over one-quarter of everything I posted last year, I am going to do it anyway:

1.  Why Surveys Underestimate Gun Ownership Rates in the U.S..

2. How a Card Carrying Liberal Professor Became a Card Carrying Liberal Armed American.

3. On Making Guns Seem Less Socially Acceptable.

4. How Many Guns Are There In The United States Today? 400 Million Or So.

5. Student Range Visit Reflection #4: As Seen Through European Eyes.

6. Concealed Weapon Carry Laws in the US: A Primer.

7. Teaching the Sociology of Guns to the Gun Curious.

8. What Percentage of Americans Own Guns? Minimum Estimates.

9. What’s Next? Understanding and Misunderstanding America’s Gun Culture (Book Chapter).

10. Student Gun Range Reflection: Getting a Better Grasp of an Unknown Aspect of Gun Culture.

HONORABLE MENTION: Not written by me, but Why I “Need” an AR-15 by Jon Stokes was very popular, for obvious reasons.

In the end, I’m very pleased with this list as the content really reflects what I was hoping to share through this blog. Thanks for reading and hope to see you more  in 2020.

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