Sociology of Guns Module 5: Race and Guns

Modules 5, 6, and 7 of Sociology of Guns focus on three of the four parts of the Holy Quaternity of sociology: race, gender, and sexuality (we touch some on social class, too).

There is no shortage of writing about how gun owners are racist, but my interest in this module is in non-deviant racial minority gun owners. Unfortunately, comparatively little has been written about this topic by contemporary social scientists (historians and legal scholars, like Nicholas Johnson, have done better), so I have to get more creative in putting together this reading list.

Required readings for Module 5 are:

Recommended readings for Module 5 are:

I don’t take the recommended readings to be comprehensive or complete. Suggestions are welcome.

7 thoughts on “Sociology of Guns Module 5: Race and Guns

  1. A re-recommendation of Halbrook’s “The Right to Bear Arms: A Constitutional Right of the People or a Privilege of the Ruling Class?”

    The most complete history of the RKBA I’ve yet read. Addresses various historical restrictions with full contextual citations.


      • It’s much more a detailed history than specifically a legal analysis. I’d recommend it for context and to address more modern but un-, or only partially, sourced claims.

        Gun culture is culture, and cultures evolve from historical realities. The reason US gun culture is what it is draws directly from the cultural assumptions of our Anglo-American history. It didn’t start in 1776.

        Would be my argument. 😉


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  5. You may want to look at a paper written by Dr. Tommy J. Curry on Robert F. Williams and his philosophy on self defense. The paper is titled “Robert F. Williams and Militant Civil Rights:
    The Philosophy and Legacy of Pre-emptive Self-Defense”


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