Light Over Heat #9: Guns Are Tools, But Not Just Tools

People in the gun culture often talk about guns as tools, and those outside gun culture reject the idea that guns are just another tool. As is often the case with guns, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

In Episode 9 of “Light Over Heat,” I argue that guns are indeed tools, but they are not just tools. They are tools that are by design dangerous.

As the smart guys at Open Source Defense say, this is a feature, not a bug. And as gun training old head Tom Givens puts it, “if they weren’t they wouldn’t be useful to us at all.”

Also mentioned in this week’s video, gun trainer Gabe Suarez and a reporter from Forbes Magazine who spent a year on the gun beat.

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One thought on “Light Over Heat #9: Guns Are Tools, But Not Just Tools

  1. As a colleague puts it, “Of course guns are dangerous. That’s why we own them.”

    In fact, nearly all tools are dangerous, usually in direct proportion to their power. I have power tools in my home workshop that can maim or even kill with a moment’s inattention. I wear safety glasses when using them to protect from flying debris because they’re dangerous at a distance, too. Guns are no different in this respect.

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