Light Over Heat #16: Finding Common Ground on Gun Violence Prevention

This week I offer a second reflection on the 2-day workshop I attended at the University of Connecticut in Harford for authors contributing to a special issue of The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science on gun violence. (The first reflection focuses on the relationship between research on guns and gun policy, see Light Over Heat #15.)

I recorded this reflection in my hotel room right after the workshop ended and so my thoughts were a bit jumbled but hopefully my editing brings some coherence to them.

The core of this video speaks to my general approach to engaging those whose focus vis-à-vis guns differs from my own: find a common ground. In this case, the common ground is in the desire to prevent gun violence.

And more generally, as in all things guns, my approach to this experience reflects my interest in Light Over Heat.

Mentioned in this week’s video are my previous thoughts on guns as lethal weapons (Light Over Heat #9) and the Liberal Gun Owners on “simultaneous proponency”: “The simultaneous support of both firearms ownership rights and the reduction of firearms-related injury and death.”

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3 thoughts on “Light Over Heat #16: Finding Common Ground on Gun Violence Prevention

  1. I do object to the terminology “gun Violence” in that it suggests the gun is responsible but also it seems to reduce/eliminate the responsibility of the person perpetuating the violence. It is much easier to objectify and then push for the elimination/control of an object than a person.

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    • I appreciate this point and in times and places have made it myself. At the same time, saying “violence committed by people with guns which are more lethal than other commonly used weapons” is too cumbersome.


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