Light Over Heat #22: Further Thoughts Post-Buffalo Thanks to Intellectual Diversity

In my last video (Light Over Heat #21), I commented on guns and race, racism, and white supremacy in the wake of the Buffalo mass murder. The comments I received, even the critical ones, were generally very respectful and constructive. Given the name and mission of my YouTube channel — “Light Over Heat” — I appreciate this very much.

The comments also got me thinking about the value of diversity (political, cultural, social, intellectual) in exposing us to people and ideas different from our own. From these differences can come greater understanding.

Getting into gun culture has exposed me to more intellectual diversity than if I had just stayed in my bright blue sociology bubble. In this week’s video, I talk about some of the ways I have come to see the issues raised by the Buffalo mass murder differently.

Documentation for some of the things I mention this week: Michael Bane on monsters rising to the bait from his 17 May 2022 podcast. The Anti-Defamation League’s investigation into the Waukesha Christmas parade killer’s hateful online posts, as well as the ADL’s reporting on the exploitation of Waukesha by white supremacists. The Southern Poverty Law Center on New Black Panther Party as an anti-white, anti-Semitic hate group and on the Radical (Black) Hebrew Israelites.

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2 thoughts on “Light Over Heat #22: Further Thoughts Post-Buffalo Thanks to Intellectual Diversity

  1. ADL’s “reporting”, unfortunately, needs to be approached with a great deal of salt. They are no longer a non-partisan organization and tend to craft their “investigations” to minimize the appearance of “trends” on the Left hand and generalize them as mainstream on the Right.

    They are a poster child for the truth that among left-leaning media, “When anyone who can be assigned to the “right”, no matter how tenuously, does something negative, the story is the failings of the “right” as a whole. When someone on the “left” does something, no matter how mainstream or represented among “left” thought they may be, they are always portrayed as an exception, in isolation, and the story becomes about the response of the “right.” “Republicans pounce!” for shorthand.

    In the exploitation article, note that the ADL ascribe the numbers 13/56/90 as a “racist trope” and imply that only white supremacists could believe these “alleged” statistics. But those are in fact accurate numbers, they come straight from the FBI UCR data. That some few racists use them in a racist fashion doesn’t make them any less accurate, nor should it prevent reasonable people of goodwill from trying to figure out what societal, cultural, and behavioral larger factors, none of which can rationally be attributed to superficial differences in skin color, might be involved. Simply shutting down or denying uncomfortable facts as “racist” is not “non-partisan” and is actively contrary to solving problems in a meaningful way.

    Anyway, as always, I appreciate your work. The ADL? They can go pound sand until they get adult leadership again.


    • Missed this the first go around. One reason I used the ADL rather than some other group is that they have more credibility among those on the left side of the political spectrum, so what they say on this issue is harder for people on the left to criticize. Does that make sense?


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