Light Over Heat #32: Talkin’ ‘Bout an Insurrection

After the January 6th storming of the US Capitol Building, I knew that gun owners and gun culture would be blamed. But from the start I have questioned how widely gun owners in general supported this clumsy coup.

In this week’s Light Over Heat video I consider some recent survey data that addresses the question of gun owner support for the storming of the Capitol Building, and for political violence more generally.

Thumbnail image: TapTheForwardAssist, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Other documentation for this video:

Firmin DeBrabander in The Atlantic on “insurrectionist fever dreams”:

Why are there so few violent insurrectionist gun owners?

I discuss “the missing insurrectionists” in my 2021 book chapter “Understanding and Misunderstanding America’s Gun Culture:

University of Chicago Institute of Politics on political polarization and political violence:

My 2022 article “Gun Culture 2.0: The Evolution and Contours of Defensive Gun Ownership in America”: FORTHCOMING

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