Something Other Than Objective Risk Motivates Defensive Gun Ownership (Light Over Heat #46)

This video concludes my ongoing series systematizing the dominant academic approach to understanding Gun Culture 2.0, what I call “The Standard Model of Explaining the Irrationality of Defensive Gun Ownership.”

Here I engage the 5th of the model’s 5 points: That something other than objective risk motivates defensive gun ownership.

From a sociological perspective, that something else centers on the discipline’s Holy Trinity: class, gender, and race. From a psychological perspective, defensive gun ownership is a maladaptive coping mechanism.

Links to the first five videos in the series are below.

In this video, I highlight three books by sociologists that focus attention on social class, gender, and race:

From the psychology side, I discuss two key articles:

The previous five videos in this series follow.

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One thought on “Something Other Than Objective Risk Motivates Defensive Gun Ownership (Light Over Heat #46)

  1. I have to question the conclusions or should we say the direction of the studies. I have to say that I have not reviewed the studies my self but based on the general orientation of those in Psychology and Sociology there may be a tend to “prove” their point of view. Being a conservative who has a Master’s in Psychology and a PhD in Information Systems I am an outlier. Pretty much everyone around me has those views and they are like a religion to them. They do not accept that anyone could have a different view unless they are, (insert negative category or categories here). It is an article of faith, not to be disputed. Any effort to engage in discussion results in being labeled, (insert negative category or categories here) and dismissed, or worse.
    I do plan on reviewing more closely your postings and the studies themselves when the term ends.

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