Light Over Heat #30: Overview of My Work on American Gun Culture

This is my 30th consecutive weekly episode of “Light Over Heat”! Because I am seeing more people watching these videos coming from outside my existing social networks, I thought I would celebrate #30 by giving a brief overview of my approach to American gun culture and highlight a few of my key works for those interested.

Thanks for dedicating a bit of your valuable time to engaging my thoughts. I deeply appreciate it.

The three main works I point to in this video are:

My 2017 article “The Sociology of US Gun Culture.”

My 2021 book chapter “Understanding and Misunderstanding America’s Gun Culture.”

My 2022 article “Gun Culture 2.0: The Evolution and Contours of Defensive Gun Ownership in America.” A link to a pre-print of this article is forthcoming!

HERE is a more complete bibliography and videography of my major works on guns and gun culture.

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