Why Guns Are Neither USED nor USEFUL for Self-Defense – The Standard Model Part 2 of 5 (Light Over Heat #42)

Last week I discussed some work I am doing systematizing the dominant academic approach to understanding Gun Culture 2.0, what I call “The Standard Model of Explaining the Irrationality of Defensive Gun Ownership.”

The model has 6 points. In this 2nd of 5 planned videos, I discuss point 2: That guns are neither USED nor USEFUL for self-defense.

I also offer some critiques of this point in the model.

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5 thoughts on “Why Guns Are Neither USED nor USEFUL for Self-Defense – The Standard Model Part 2 of 5 (Light Over Heat #42)

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  2. It depends on the definition of use. Speaking for myself, I have had two incidents of what I would consider defensive gun use which involved no shots being fired or even a gun being drawn. In one case, while moving to cover, I exposed the gun and the aggressor backed off. In the other case, I simply put my hand in my pocket. The aggressor had no way of knowing whether there was a gun there (there was) but the general availability of guns made him decide he didn’t want to find out. In both cases, it was obvious they had lost the element of surprise so that may have been a factor too. Both were substantially younger and stronger than me so could have overcome me even without surprise.


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